5 Cooler Jobs Than Your Job

Posted December 29, 2011 by Johnny2x in The Daily

In no particular order:

#1 Kamioka Observatory, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research:

You would have to be really smart and probably have to live in Japan for this job but look how cool that pic is. Super-Kamiokande is a 50,000 ton water Cherenkov detector and primarily observes the elementary particles known as neutrinos. Super-Kamiokande started observation in 1996 after 5 year of construction. The detector is used in cooperation with about 100 researchers from 30 collaborating institutes in Japan, US, Korea, China, Poland and Spain.

This is just one of their current experiments. (list of all experiments)

#2 Marijuana Critic

Westwood alternative newspaper in Denver is hiring. The position: Medical Marijuana critic. Your Job: Visiting different pot dispensaries, sample the goods and then write a review. Sound good? Make sure you have references from your former pot dealer.

 #3 Luxury Bed Tester

The following is from: www.oddee.com

Roisin Madigan, 22, is earning £1,000 to sleep in designer beds every day for a month. The student is helping with a “sleep survey” carried out by luxury bed specialists Simon Horn Ltd. The company sells luxury Savoir Beds, originally made for the Savoy Hotel. General manager Craig Roylance said Roisin will not only provide an objective view of the beds on sale, but will also be part of a look into what brings a good night’s sleep. She will spend 10am to 6pm in beds in the company’s showroom in Edgbaston, and then will blog about her experiences.

#4 Astronaut

Nothing fancy or informative about this one. It would just definitely me a cooler job than yours. Unless of course you are an Astronaut.





#5 Lego Builder

Nathan Sawaya was a successful corporate lawyer who gave up a six-figure salary to play with Legos for a living back in 2004. Some lean times followed, but today he is a successful Lego Certified Professional whose work can be seen around the world in museums and fine art galleries. You can’t really apply for a job like this obviously, just need some talent.


So if you are looking for a better job then maybe find out what you are really good at, then see if anyone will pay you for it

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