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First up, Obama caught that fool tripin’ all laid back in his crib watchin’ porn, then Obama’s boys rolled up in that bitch and cut that playa hatin mofo down with some top secret weapons and shit. Then they took his ass to the east river and dropped him in….FACE! (his words, not mine)

This video is long so don’t watch the whole thing. You are supposed to be working anyway.


I am being biased with this one since I have a baby on the way myself. I can not wait to hear her laugh . In this one a Missouri father received a rejection letter from a potential job, sounds terrible but it’s not. This video makes it all better. If you do not enjoy this video or if you don’t think it is cute then you better stop watching and get back to your day job as a horrible heartless monster and find some puppies to kick…jerk.

Over 32 million views! this video has been seen more than something that hasn’t been seen that much.


Eh this one is tough, I am sure there was some good stuff, Adele is an amazing singer and her songs are great so she’s up there. I am just jaded by the lack of a truly amazing album in years. I might be missing something since you can not hear anything good on radio anymore so music more or less needs to be “found”.
Radiohead’s King of Limbs is a good one too, I do miss their old sound but I also can appreciate what they are doing now.

I do trust Pitchfork’s taste in music so you can check out their list of best music in 2011 here.

Best music video of 2011 however is no contest:


Suck it Einstein! How’s that feel? The scientists who appeared to have found in September that certain subatomic particles can travel faster than light have ruled out one potential source of error in their measurements after completing a second, fine-tuned version of their experiment.

Going against Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity these subatomic particles can travel faster than light. It this is correct the finding also opens up the troubling possibility of being able to send information back in time (cue the Back to the Future music), blurring the line between past and present and wreaking havoc with the fundamental principle of cause and effect.

The following is from The Guardian:

The search for errors is not yet over, according to Jacques Martino, director of the National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics at CNRS. He said that more checks would be under way in future, including ensuring that the clocks at Cern and Gran Sasso were properly synchronised, perhaps by using an optical fibre as opposed to the GPS system used at the moment.

This would remove any potential errors that might occur due to the effects of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which says that clocks tick at different rates depending on the amount of gravitational force they experience – clocks closer to the surface of the Earth tick slower than those further away.

Even a tiny discrepancy between the clocks at Cern and Gran Sasso could be at the root of the faster-than-light results seen in September.






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