Jesus image appears again! In some chick’s sock.

Posted December 30, 2011 by Johnny2x in Weird News

(found on The Huffington Post)

It’s feels like it has been a long time since a story of Jesus’ image appeared in anything. I think the lats place was a piece of toast or something.

Well he’s at it again, this time Jesus wanted to make sure he was seen by the right person, at the right time, in the right place….a sock.

Sarah Crane from Kent England was hanging her laundry¬† freshly washed laundry when she spotted the most recognizable face to ever appear in anyone’s sock.

She brought the sock to her equally intelligent boyfriend who took pictures to share with the family. Now she is one the news in her country and I am sure in more countries around the world.

WTF is the matter with humans, really? That’s an actually new piece that someone was paid to do some production and present to us the viewers in between commercials for the forever lazy and some new pharmaceutical with side effect that include anal bleeding and death.

Thanks a lot Jesus, it was a slow news day until you decided make the he Shroud of Turinn part 2…some chick’s sock/

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