Beebe Arkansas: A town of bird killers

Posted January 2, 2012 by Johnny2x in Weird News

New Years Eve 2010, Bebe Arkansas. Just before midnight a large mass of birds is spotted flying over town, just after midnight the birds start falling to their deaths…all of them. So many birds that people had to dodge them as they walked the streets lighting fireworks and celebrating new years eve as loud as possible.

Animal control began collecting the dead blackbirds and wondering “what could have caused this?” What could have cause these birds to be scared from their various perches and nest, fly into the night they drop dead of heart attacks? What could have done this?

Around this same time last year, thousands of dead fish also turned up in the Arkansas River, prompting conspiracies about the end of the world, poison and environmental catastrophe.

Well this year it happened again. New Years eve, dead birds. What is happening!?

ABC Arkansas affiliate KATV reported that a radar image showed a large mass over Beebe a few hours before midnight Saturday. Then the birds began falling from the sky, just like last year.

Game and Fish Department took about 30 of the nearly 100 birds for testing to try to determine what happened.

What could have, again this year, caused these birds so much stress that they flew into the night and died?

Some people¬† think fireworks (#duuuhhhhhh) were blamed for the deaths of thousands of blackbirds last year, but it’s unclear whether fireworks were the cause this time. ( Says ABC news #areyourserious?)

REALLY?! really you dumb shits…It is unclear???¬† UNCLEAR?

How about the people that believe that this is a sign of the end of days?

If there are people dumb enough to think this, especially someone reporting THE NEWS, then I hope they are right. I hope it is the end of days. We are all too stupid to live anyway.



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