Navy Seal punches Jesse Ventura living the dream!

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Story with a little help from and Opieradio

Jesse Ventura: NAVY SEAL alum/reservist, former governor of Minn

esota, giant douche bag.

Well he finally got what he was asking for, a nice punch in the face.

Why? While Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL known as “the military’s deadliest sniper”, was holding a wake to honor a lost member of their team. Jessie was in town to speak to some new graduates of the SEAL program. They were at the same bar when Jesse decided to tell the group of Navy Seals that he disagrees with the war, believes that the military are murderers killing innocent people and also thought that they probably deserve to lose a few of there own.

During his military career from 1969-75, Ventura was a member of the Navy’s elite Underwater Demolition Team or UDT (the UDT was the precursor to the SEALs) and Jesse is a SEAL reservist. You might expect that sharing the history of membership in an elite military unit would garner a lifetime of mutual respect. Not so with Ventura.

Kyle claims that he approached the former governor, and asked him to keep it down, informing Jesse that the family of the deceased was also with them.

That’s when Ventura unleashed more of his insensitive comments and Kyle reportedly countered with a one-punch knockdown.

Kyle was recently on the Opie and Anthony show and talked about this incident.

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