Stephen Hawking: Colonies on Mars will flourish

Posted January 6, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Although I do hope he is right, I always feel bothered by these stories because I will possibly be too old to see them happen or even just dead. I wish they would get to work on the anti-aging pills. Actually I think they are working on that now….HURRY UP!

Something else I heard Stevie (yeah we know each other like that) say is that, not only is a scenario like that in Star Wars possible, but it is even more likely to be already happening somewhere in our universe.

That is fucking awesome.

The following is from

World renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has said that to survive the human race ‘must colonise space’ – and he’s confident that one day we will.

To mark his upcoming 70th birthday, Professor Hawking answered questions from Radio 4 listeners, with one asking: ‘Will we ever colonise the stars?’

He replied: ‘I believe that we will eventually establish self-sustaining colonies on Mars and other bodies in the Solar System although probably not within the next 100 years.

‘I am optimistic that progress in science and technology will eventually enable humans to spread beyond the Solar System and out into the far reaches of the Universe.’

He explained that we must achieve this because global warming or a nuclear war will eventually ruin the planet – sometime in the next 1000 years.

Hawking also gave his views on the recent CERN claims that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light, saying that he didn’t believe the results of its experiments.

The possibility of multiple universes is something he does believe in, however, telling one listener: ‘Our best bet for a theory of everything is M-theory.

‘One prediction of M-theory is that there are many different universes, with different values for the physical constants.’

As for life on other planets, it’s not something Hawking discounts, but he does warn that close encounters could end badly for the human race.

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