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Posted January 8, 2012 by Johnny2x in Sports

We here at howsyourrobot.com like to remain topical. So right now we are going to post something that has been going on for weeks. Nothing like jumping on that train after it left, right?!

It is topical today because right now (Sunday Jan 8th, 2012 7:15pm) the Broncos led by Tim Tebow are beating the Steelers, something everyone said was impossible.

It is easy to make fun of Tebow because of how public he is with his beliefs and how if you listen closely to his interviews, his sexual orientation is questionable at best. But what I have noticed most about him is, he just seems like a really good guy. It is a rare thing with athletes these days so it is very refreshing. He is a decent human being who just really loves the sport he plays and is very genuine with his feelings.

So here’s to Tim Tebow!

He might not be able to pass for shit but I for one will be rooting for him tonight.

here is some of the TOP TEN from tebowing.com

And don’t miss the new hit single Tebowing


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