Sensics SmartGoggles Deliver Virtual Reality, Giant Robots and Near Total Isolation

Posted January 12, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Finally a post about ROBOTS on a site with the word “robot” in it!

Remember when virtual reality was all anyone talked about?


awww thanks you are truly my favorite website on the interwebs

LAS VEGAS — Sensics is showing off a prototype virtual-reality helmet at CES. The company calls the Android-powered device SmartGoggles, but it’s more like a really heavy helmet that uses Android to power a custom 3D-gaming experience.

Slip the SmartGoggles over your head, and you’re pretty much shut off from the world. In the test game that Sensics has developed for the show, you’re a giant robot unleashing hell on some poor city, shooting at planes and punching buildings. If you jump, the robot jumps and smashes whatever is in front of it.

The demo game relies on a traditional gaming controller, but the circles on the front of the goggles are motion sensors that could be used to incorporate gesture controls into game titles.

The prototype is still very rough (we snapped off an earpiece), which leaves us skeptical about Sensics’ goal of bringing these to market by the end of the year. Target price will be “under $1,000.”

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