This is Exactly Why you Won’t Find me on a Cruise Ship

Posted January 15, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

Photo credit: Getty/FILIPPO MONTEFORTE | Military rescuers patrol next to the Costa Concordia on January 15, 2012 after the cruise ship ran aground and keeled over off the Isola del Giglio.






Now do you wanna try the slide? People keep telling me my fear of cruise ships is irrational. Even if this is a rare occurrence it is enough to keep me off of one forever, this and rouge waves.


The captain of the luxury cruise ship was arrested after his ship flipped on its side near the coast of Italy, police reported Saturday.

On Friday, the Costa Concordia, owned by Carnival Cruise, came to close to a Tuscan reef and a 160-foot hole ripped through the side of the ship. Massive amounts of water rushed into the ship causing more than 4,000 passengers to evacuate as the ship flipped on its side.

The ship’s captain reportedly left the sinking ship, but was later arrested for manslaughter and abandoning the ship.

As of Saturday evening, more than 50 people were missing.

The Italy tragedy was not stopping some San Diego cruise travelers from boarding ships.

“We just got off a ship today and we’re going again next week,” said Louise Degroot of San Diego. She and her husband have been on cruises for over the past 15 years.

They said they are concerned for the victims in this latest tragedy at sea, but feel it’s an isolated incident.

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GIGLIO, Italy – A helicopter on Sunday airlifted a third survivor from the capsized hulk of a luxury cruise ship 36 hours after it ran aground off the Italian coast, as prosecutors said they were investigating the captain for manslaughter charges and accused him of abandoning his ship.

U.S. officials say two Americans are among the nine passengers still unaccounted for from the capsized cruise ship off Tuscany.


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