GEODOG GPS-enabled collar lets you find your dog using your smartphone

Posted January 16, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

This is very very cool. We have all  seen the “Lost Dog” poster attached to a tree and can only image the stress the owner is going through. I always picture a small child crying wonder where is best friend is.

I am surprised it took this long to release a product like this that works. GEODOG will send you a text message with the location of your lost friend on a map. You can then get up to date messages with his coradinates as he moves so you can track him down.

The catch here however is the price- a GPS-enabled collar will cost about $425, while the app itself is nearly $100 (about $140 for the Pro app, which can track multiple dogs in the same manner). Additionally Geodog only ships within the EU. For those not ready to purchase the full app, Geodog offers a 14 day trial for free.

Hopefully popularity will make this device more affordable in the near future, as a dog owner I believe the benefits far outweigh the cost as it is.


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