Top 8 Classic Wedding Customs Worldwide

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Wedding customs in many countries sound rather unusual yet interesting. For example, customs for nuptials in India maintain to be rather feudal nowadays. But convention in Denmark is absolutely mysterious. In this article, shared by Katherine from, you will know top 8 classic wedding customs worldwide. Now, let’s begin.


Top 1: Wedding in India – For Sacrificing.

For Hindus, they hold the opinion that the aim for marrying is to finish various religious obligations. The most important among these goals is definitely to sacrifice. However, men, who must marry and have sons later, will be qualified to consecrate oblations to their ancestors. So, during the wedding, the bride and groom will incant, pray and swear. The groom will definitely tell the bride he marries the bride in order to get a son. Presbyters also wish them to achieve this.

Top 2: Wedding in Denmark – To Be Held Secretly.

The groom and bride will make arrangements for the wedding for several days. But the nuptial will be held secretly at last, because people in Denmark think it will enrage the ghosts or irritate their envy if they hold a wedding publicly. When the wedding is going to end, people will carry a big jar of beer into the garden. The groom holds the bride’s hand and breaks the beer jar together. Single girls will pick up those fragments. Girl getting the largest fragment will marry first and girl getting the smallest one won’t marry throughout her life.


Top 3: Wedding in Germany – Breaking Bowls and Pots for Luck.

All guests will bring several bowls, dishes or bottles to the wedding. Then, they will throw and break them drastically because they think this will help the groom and bride remove worries and make a sweet beginning for their life. In this case, the newlyweds will keep their passion for love and life. They will go with each other throughout their life.

Top 4: Wedding in Russia – All People Groan.

There will be people complaining about pain. And each time when a person shouts, all people present will respond. So, the groom and bride will stand up and kiss. A short time later, all of these will repeat. This will repeat more than ten times when all relatives are willing to stop. In fact, Russians think the wine is bitter. The newlywed should make the win become sweet by their kiss.


Top 5: Wedding in France – Romantic and Simple!

Engaged to each other before marrying, wedding in France follows simple rites. But it’s still the most magnificent festival for a family, which is filled with solemn sense. Generally speaking, the bride’s parents will invite the groom’s parents, other family members, relatives and one or two good friends. The nuptial is hosted by the mayor or his assistant on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, during 9AM to 5PM. After the wedding, the newlywed will fete all guests.

Top 6: Wedding in Jew – Reminding People of the Holy War.

After being wished, the groom will break the wine glass by his right foot. This stands for their missing for the damage of the Temple of God and reminds people of not forgetting the sad moment when Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. But on modern weddings, people express the fragile relation among people, the beginning of new life and abandoning of all prejudice and ignorance in this way.


Top 7: Wedding in Japan – Worshiping Traditional Taoism.

On traditional Taoism ceremonies, people will consecrate Kami – the God living in the nature. While holding a wedding, clergy will pray for the newlywed. The last item during the ceremony is to drink the Japanese beer together. That is to say all people present on the nuptial should drink rice wine held in three tabular bottles. These bottles are overlapped from the bottom to the top. The groom will take the first bottle and sip three times and then deliver it to the bride. The bride will also sip three times and then deliver the wine to other relatives. Then, they will do the same thing on the second and third bottle of wine.

Top 8: Wedding in Indiana – Quiet.

Wedding in Indiana is filled with densely national sense. Places to hold the wedding often tend to be public buildings where most Indians live. During the wedding, relatives, friends and neighbors will come into the wooden house and site on the land. They will greet each other. All people are wearing national costumes with fresh styles and bright colors. Even though Indians are optimistic, they hold their nuptials in a rather quiet way. They even speak in a low voice.

Author bio: Katherine shares you many other interesting wedding customs on her wedding blog. If you are hunting for your own wedding gown, just don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to the author’s store.

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