‘Strange Sounds’ in the sky: Viral marketing or should we be worried?

Posted January 21, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

There is something very viral on the web lately. Reports of strange sounds in the sky form all over the world all starting in the first two weeks of January. Is it  The Apocalypse? HAARP? The Magnetic Poles Shifting? or just some clever viral marketing…you be the judge.

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A phenomena that hasn’t garnered much attention from the ‘experts’, the reports of weird, strange, bizarre and ‘creepy’ sounds and noises in the sky recorded by ‘Average Joe’s’ from across the globe.

The sounds in the sky phenomena caught our attention after we posted a video uploaded on Youtube on March 12, 2011, What is This Loud NOISE?. The loud rumbling noise that sounded like a tornado, made the ground shake and lasted up to twenty minutes occurred in Florida. Below, a compilation of ‘strange sounds in the sky’ videos including the video that initially piqued our interest, the video of a ‘loud noise’ in Florida on March 9, 2011. Of particular interest, one extraordinarily creepy ‘sounds in the sky’ video from Marietta, Georgia.

While people around the globe are hearing strange sounds in the sky, the following video reveals what satellites ‘hear’ from Earth, the ‘general frequencies of the Earth in an audible format’.

What exactly are we hearing in these YouTube videos posted by people who claim they’ve recorded ear-splitting roars coming from the sky with no explanation? Here you can see one of the latest, recorded in Budapest, Hungary last week. Conspiracy-lovers are calling them “apocalyptic sounds.” Whatever they really are, they’re freaking creepy. Are they jet engines attached to UFOs, bizarro weather, or pure fakery?

Shared from DisInfo.com (I hope they don’t mind me spreading the message)

Footage recording bizarre mystery sounds of seemingly immense proportions emanating from the heavens (like the ones above) are being posted from multiple points of the globe but mainly in the Northern Hemisphere:

Speculation is rife as to their cause and nature and the story has been quickly spotted by the usual suspects:

i09 asks what are these bizarre sounds coming from the sky in countries from Hungary to Canada?
via h/t from paranormal newsfeed Truth Behind the Scenes
Ghost Theory have been following this since last August, and was one of the first to notice that many occurred on the same day: 1 January 2012
A dedicated blog (strangesoundsinthesky.com) of some months standing has even sprung up to cater for the phenomenon.

More Fortean sceptical write-ups include:

Doubtful News, takes the long historical view, referencing the great unsung Fortean researcher William R. Corliss’ Earthquakes, Tides, Unidentified Sounds and Other Related Phenomena, and mass copycat behaviour
Reddit provides a technical analysis of the videos and gives us cause for suspicion
So what is it? The evolution of The Hum? The Last Trump? HAARP? Solar flares?

Or have we all been punked by J.J. Abram’s keen sense of mass hysteria and his latest world-wide PR campaign for Cloverfield 2?

Or is the truth some crazy combination of all the above and more? Post your opinions and rants below.

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