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Technology is a very popular area of study nowadays, and for good reason. It seems there are technological advancements taking place almost daily, which makes for a booming, fast-paced industry. Perhaps you would like to expand your knowledge in a certain area of technology, but do not have the large amount of money or time that it takes to attend college. Fortunately, there are many online universities that offer free tech courses. They are definitely worth checking out when you have a minute. Since they are free, you have nothing to lose.

Technology In History – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this free tech course through its Open Course Ware program. The course focuses on the role that technology has played in history. To do this, students will explore four of the most important historical transitions that have taken place in technology, including the progress and advancements that took place with each.

Technology And Global Development – This free course, also made available through Open Course Ware, is offered by the Delft University of Technology. It explores the critical decisions that governments and companies must make in order to determine the technological strategies that will shape the future of global development. The many tools that make up these strategies are researched in detail as well.

Computer Science 162 – The University of California Berkeley provides this free course through webcasts that can be viewed via iTunes or YouTube. The course covers the concepts of computer operating systems and the basics of computer programming, as well as various other topics related to the science of computers.

Micro – electronic Devices And Circuits – This is another great course offered for free through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s OpenCourseWare program. It focuses on the design and modeling of microelectronics as well as the development of electrical circuits. The course uses various techniques to help students better understand these devices, including a large amount of hands-on instruction.

Digital Communications – The Open University, which is based out of England, offers this course through its free online LearningSpace program. The course covers the evolution of fiber-optic communications, including the rates at which data can be transmitted through cables. It also explains the various types of technology used to create a fiber-optic communication system.

Understanding Online Interaction – Utah State University’s OpenvCoursevWare program provides this free course for anyone wishing to better understand the way people interact over a network. Students will use this information to create effective learning environments on the internet.

Technology And Society – This informative course, offered for free through the University of Southern Queensland’s OpenCourseWare program, explores the way technology and society go hand and hand. Students will learn the various forms of technological advancements and the effects they have on society.

Artificial Intelligence – The Dixie State College of Utah provides this free course, which studies the basic concepts of artificial intelligence in relation to computer software. Although there are many different types of artificial intelligence, this course focuses on its role in computer games.

Finding Information In Technology – Another free offering from The Open University, this course highlights the proper ways to find what you are looking for while searching the internet. It also describes how to effectively evaluate the quality of the material you find.

Engineering Statics – Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative program is home to this free course, which studies the relationships that exist between various bodies of force. An example of this would be the way that parts of a mechanical system interact with each other. Students will find this course to be challenging, yet very informative and valuable.

Since the world of technology is so vast, one of these free tech courses is bound to fit your area of interest. These courses are a wonderful way to broaden your knowledge without breaking the bank, so give one a try today.

Guest post from Pat Singer. Pat writes about accredited online universities for AccreditedOnlineColleges.com.

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