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Posted January 24, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

Are you ready for some side-by-side comparisons of advertised food and what they hand to you?

You would have to not be from this planet to think the burger you are standing in line for will look anything like the one the menu board behind counter. Someone went out of there way to show you just how different.

Thanks (more pics)

Let’s talk a little about the fast food that millions of people stuff their faces with each and every day, especially the millions of hamburgers that are consumed. Advertisements are one of the most powerful mediums these burger chains have to spread their reigns. We don’t seem to be phased by the differences between an advertised burger and the one that is actually in the package when we get it, and we consume it like our lives depended on it.

As with everything, there has been some research in this field as well. However, this time, it’s by a true consumer who wanted to point out the differences between an advertised fast food burger and the one you actually get to eat. The result should not really surprise you, yet it does. The difference is so intense, it is just mind boggling. Just have a look at these comparisons done by fast food consumer Dario D. I would feel a little cheated by the way theyadvertise their burgers, and the lump of dough you get in the box. It’s sad really, if you ask me. I guess there is a reason why they call it fast food, right? I mean, a food designer has all the time in the world to prepare the “one” hamburger that goes into these franchise advertisements.

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