Avengers Rumors: A list of what has been confirmed or debunked

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next/” target=”_blank”>HERE (ENTER at your own risk, these are the spoilers from a screening)




HERE (ENTER at your own risk, these are the spoilers from a screening)


There are plenty of Avengers rumors out there. It is probably because everyone is so excited to see it – me included – thats all we can do now is talk about it.

Here is a somewhat complete list of rumors with some of them being confirmed.


  • The Abomination could appear as actor Tim Roth said that Marvel has approached him and that he is signed for three more films and he said They have, but in a very different way, I don’t want to get into it, but they signed me up for three films.
  • While War Machine will not be a member of the Avengers, Rhodey will have either a cameo or at least a mention as a possible choice to pilot the Iron Man armor as Fury initially intended Stark to be strictly a consultant.[1]
  • There may be more than two females than Black Widow and Maria Hill in the film, The Enchantress, Sharon Carter, Pepper Potts, Sif, Betty Ross could pop up in the film. [2][3][4][5][6]
  • Hawkeye will have a relationship with Black Widow. [7][8][9]
  • The Superhero team The Inhumans will make their debut in the film. [10]
  • The LMD (Life Model Decoys) will be appearing in this film. [11]
  • Thanos will be the main villain of the film, alongside Loki. [12]
  • Classic Avengers Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver won’t be appearing due to their rights belonging to Fox’s X-Men property.
  • Actor and stuntman J.J. Perry is rumor to had a role as the vampire Michael Morbius at the end ot the Avengers credits. [13]
  • CONFIRMED:Loki will be the main antagonist of the film.


  • CONFIRMED: Captain America may be the team leader. [38][39][40][41][42][43]
  • Joss Wheddon says that the film will have a ‘Civil War’ style between Captain America and Iron Man. [44][45]
  • Kevin Feige did a Q&A on The Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex that Chris Evans will own the screen as Captain America in the film with Iron Man and Thor. [46][47]
  • The film will have storyline from Iron Man, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger [48]
  • The film will be based on the storyline of The Ultimates.
  • Chris Hemsworth says that the team will beat each others up. [49]
  • There might be romance between Captain America and Black Widow.
  • CONFIRMED: Cosmic Cube was seen in the film Thor and in Captain America: The First Avenger and should also show up in this film. [50]
  • CONFIRMED: Bruce Banner will receive a conditional pardon if the Hulk joins the Avengers.
  • Steve might become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and could be the first person to get recruited by Nick Fury into the Avengers.


  • One scene will shown Thor fights Tony Stark (Iron Man) so he could get Loki back from S.H.I.E.L.D. possession. [51]
  • Black Widow will be “grabbed,” or rather kidnapped by the mystery invaders in the movie? [52]

An IMDb user revealed that he has read the script for the film with some spoilers:

  • DEBUNKED: It starts like The Ultimates with Captain America in WWII*
  • There is a battle between Captain America and some S.H.I.E.L.D agents*
  • The Skrulls are in it but they are not named. They aren’t Nazis like in The Ultimate and there is no Kree unfortunately. Loki DOESN’T summon them, he simply tells them the cube’s on Earth*
  • Final battle is: Loki vs. Thor in the air, Hulk and Captain America and Hawkeye and Natasha against some Skrulls on the Helicarrier and Iron Man and Nick Fury on a spaceship vs. the female leader of the Skrulls Anelle (turned out to be posing as Maria Hill)
  • DEBUNKED: Coulson is killed by Anelle
  • It ends with the Avengers realize they don’t work out as a team so they’re split up (until next time?)
  • There is no real leader to the team, though it feels more like it’s an Nick Fury-Captain America based the most. [53] [54]
  • The Skrulls have been here [to earth] before. They just thought the cube [was] no longer on Earth.
  • Once S.H.I.E.L.D found the cube Fury knew it was only a matter of time before they would come back.
  • The Skrulls homeworld had been destroyed, just like in the comics…[55] [56]

Another IMDb user revealed that he has read the script for the film with some spoilers:

  • CONFIRMED:Agent Coulson does NOT die as some previous rumors claimed (He’s not a Skrull either).
  • Thor does not return to Earth until roughly the half way mark. We have scenes showing him in Asgard before this however.
  • That I know of, there are 2 references/Easter Eggs to other characters, Black Panther, and Vision. From what I’ve gathered I think they’re alluding to Tony Stark being the creator or at least part of a team that creates Vision but DON’T quote me on that one.
  • Throughout the movie the team won’t really have one specific leader, it’s going to be a lot of pushing and pulling for the top spot because in each members eyes, they are the most qualified and they’re not interested in following.
  • CONFIRMED: Lastly, the movies villain(s). Sorry to disappoint folks but no, the Skrulls are not the villain(s). I wont reveal who other than Loki plays a villainous role because it’s just too good of a plot point to spoiler for you guys. The Skrulls will be mentioned/alluded to, possibly for a sequel? It’s possible. [57]
  • The aliens are called The Redacted and are a new version of The Skrulls. Fox still own Skrulls so Marvel have changed them enough to not get sued. They’re multicoloured and are shapeshifters.
  • Thanos is in the movie. There were rumors some months ago that Loki would do business with Thanos and they’re true. Thanos is tricked by Loki in the movie. Basically, Loki has been collecting Infinity Gems and the Infinity Gauntlet, but tricks Thanos in to thinking that the Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful. In return, Thanos gives him The Redacted.
  • The Leviathan is an alien serpent given to Loki by Thanos as a part of the deal.
  • DEBUNKED:Red Skull is in the movie. Loki meets him on his travels. They split the 6 Infinity Gems between them. Loki takes the Mind, Reality and Power gems and Red Skull takes the Soul, Time and Space gems.
  • A lot of The Avengers was shot in secret. These are where Red Skull’s scenes were filmed.
  • HALF-DEBUNKED:The Redacted are Loki’s army. HYDRA are Red Skull’s army.
  • The Redacted discover that Loki tricked their master, and betray him. Hence Loki seemingly being on The Avengers side in some set photos. [58]

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