Burn Note: A Self Destructing Email Message

Posted February 2, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Ever want to send someone a message but you know even if you delete the email the person you sent it to might not do the same? Me either.

Burn Note is a new service that will allow you to send a message then that message is destroyed immediately after they have been viewed by the recipient.

I can see this service being used even if it is just for fun to see how it works.

Burn Note enables you to communicate online as privately as a phone call or a spoken conversation. It does this by completely deleting all Burn Notes after they have been read and by using encryption end-to-end for security.

Unlike other online services where your communication is stored and traceable, Burn Notes leave no trace online or on your computer. Our service securely deletes the contents of Burn Notes from our servers and from the phones and computers that send and receive them.

All communication on Burn Note can be viewed only once. Burn Notes are destroyed immediately after they have been viewed by the recipient and completely extinguished from the Burn Note servers. Burn Notes are never stored in the recipient’s email and once read it is impossible for anyone to retrieve them.

We are committed to protecting your privacy to the highest extent possible. Our systems are designed and operated with security as the foremost goal. More details are available on our FAQ and our technical information page.

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