10 Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Posted February 6, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Did you miss the Super Bowl? I didn’t so I went and put together the top 10 Super Bowl Commercials just for you. I have no comment on the game as I want to keep this website non-bias and not pick favorites in sports….fuck Eli Manning and the Giants (sorry that one slipped, how great will it be to have to hear from Giants fans all year now? booooooo)

Anyway! Here are the commercials, the Clint Eastwood one (#1) actually made me feel patriotic for a minute…U S A ! U S A !

10. Thing Called Love – Samsung Mobile USA

9. The Dog Strikes Back – Volkswagen

8. Performance Basketball – Bridgestone

7. Happy Grad – Chevy

6. Reinvented – Toyota Camry

5. A Dream Car. For Real Life – Kia Optima

4. 2012 – Chevy Silverado

3. Transactions – Acura

2. Matthew’s Day Off – Honda

1. It’s Halftime in America – Chrysler

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