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Posted February 11, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

The TV show that is.

Although it has not yet bet renewed for a 4th season it has not be canceled.

But it does need help, TV show fans have had success in the past getting what they want by massive online campaigns.

So if you are a fan of Co

mmunity and want to make your voice heard that join this facebook group :

Facebook group: NBC Bring Back Community!

from the Huffington post

‘Community’ Not Canceled, Will Return To NBC,Premiere Date Not Yet Set

Rejoice, Human Beings! “Community” will return to the NBC schedule sometime in the spring.

“‘Community’ has not been canceled,” said NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt at the Television Critics Association 2012 winter press tour. “It will definitely be back in the spring,” he added, according to a tweet from TV Guide.

Since NBC unveiled its midseason lineup in mid-November, there’s been much speculation as to the fate of the critically acclaimed cult favorite. However, Greenblatt expressed his interest in seeing how another sitcom would fare in the quirky comedy’s tricky 8 p.m. EST time slot.

According to the peacock network’s chief, they’re still trying to figure out where “Community” makes the most sense, and at this time, he does not know anything about a fourth season for the show.

Even though the struggling comedy’s fate still remains at the hands of Greenblatt, it’s not going down without a fight. Its fan base may be small, but it’s fiercely loyal.

“Our fan base is mighty, thank God, and I think most of them are young, because no one appointment views the show, and I feel like, if they figure out a way to measure that and keep it all together, then our ratings might go up,” Joel McHale told The Huffington Post before the Season 3 premiere. “But thank God the fans love the show. Hopefully it will keep us on the air, we’ll see. I think if we get through this third season, we’ll be okay — oh, who the hell knows.”

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