James Cameron Goes Deep

Posted March 12, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

ewwwwww. I am sure I could have worded that better.

James Cameron performs deepest-ever solo sub dive, with a deeper one on the way

Well-known film director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron is no stranger to setting records, but this time, instead of box office gross, he’s setting his sights on something more akin to a single-handed lunar landing – a solo trip to the ocean’s deepest point, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench off Guam. Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is hard on Cameron’s heels but it appears almost certain the genius behind the blockbusters Titanic and Avatar will be the first to get there alone – he just snagged the record for deepest solo dive off Papua New Guinea on March 6th with a depth of 26,791 feet (8,166 m).

Only two people have made it to where Cameron intends to go later this year – Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh – when they co-piloted Project Nekton’s (U.S. Navy) bathyscaphe Trieste to the sea’s deepest floor on January 23, 1960. In the more than fifty-two years hence, technology has made such tremendous strides that man will once again visit that dark, near-freezing realm roughly 35,800 feet (10,912 m) down, but this time, the results promise to be very different.

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