Apple’s ‘Area i51′

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Area 151 is Apple’s data center that  is home to Apple’s iCloud service.

No doubt you have heard of Area 51. That’s where the government keeps all of it’s little green men, or grey men if you really follow the alien thing.

Really it is just a military testing base for new technology that is probably best kept a secret front he rest of the world and all of those UFO hunters out there.

I love how in their shows they are always saying “what are they hiding?”and “why are they keeping this from us?”. Well probably because you are just a guy with a hobby and interest in the unkn0wn that loves to drive your little beat up truck down to the site and video tape the guards that are  in place to keep people away just like ANY OTHER military base.

You think if the government is developing a top secret plane they want it poster on your blog or twiter? You think if there was an instagram of the stealth bomber (that was built at Area 51) back when they were testing it that that would be a good idea for the russians (bad guys at the time) to have?

Ok now that all of that is out of the way here is a cool story from

Wired Scores Exclusive Aerial Photos of Apple’s ‘Area i51′

Apple is building something at its Maiden, North Carolina, data center, but the uber-secretive company won’t say what it is.

So Wired took to the skies to find out.

These overhead photos — captured last month — showa Apple’s $1 billion data center and two adjacent areas where Apple has started new construction. Rumors have suggested that Apple is building a second data center beside the first, but judging from these photos — and county building permits — it appears that this is not the case. In all likelihood, the two construction areas will house the new-age biogas fuel cell plant and the massive solar array Apple will use to help power the original facility.

The Maiden data center is home to Apple’s iCloud service, a way for consumers and businesses to store files, photos, and other data on the web and use it across a wide array of devices. The data facility itself cost $500 million, but Apple has pledged to spend $1 billion on the site over the next decade. Opened for business around the beginning of the year, the Maiden center is just one of the many custom-designed data centers the giants of the web are building to supply their ever-growing array of web services. Google has built several of its own dedicated data centers across the world, and the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo aren’t far behind.

The iCloud has been growing like gangbusters since it was introduced last fall, and when Apple pulled a few construction permits early last month, that prompted speculation that the company may be doubling down and building a second data center on the site. But clearly, that’s not the case — though Apple is starting to build a new data center on the other side of the country, right next door to Facebook’s massive facility in Prineville, Oregon.

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