New Arrested Development season coming to Netflix

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Forget all the talk of a Arrested Development movie. Who needs it when you have a whole new season to watch and that is really what we wanted anyway right!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you have a sick day to spare in 2013, because it looks like the new season of “Arrested Development” — yes, all ten episodes — are going to premiere all at once next year on Netflix.

Yes, there are going to be a lot of A.D. fanboys and fangirls calling in sick with TBA (or perhaps Graft vs. Host?) when the cult favorite comes out. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed the plan to release all ten episodes of the fourth season of “Arrested Development” at aNational Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas.

Vulture reported on the plans and also added that “Arrested” creator Mitch Hurwitz is open to doing a season 5 and season 6 of the show on Netflix and that Bob Loblaw, the attorney-at-law with the eponymous law blog, will make an appearance in season 4.

The biggest news from the NAB convention, however, is the single-day release plan. It’s similar to what Netflix did with its first exclusive show, “Lilyhammer,” a mobster dramedy with Steven Van Zandt: That crime saga also made its entire first season available in one fell swoop back in early February. Though Netflix hasn’t released viewing numbers for that show (and has previously told HuffPost that it will not, ever), it apparently did well enough that Netflix will be airing a second season of the show, according to Vulture.

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