Wooden MP3 player designed for kids

Posted April 24, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Meet Hörbet. If we needed anymore proof that the age of CDs and possibly even radio broadcast is over then here it is. Our kids will be fully digital. Really it would be fair to say that everyone is already.


from gizmag.com

As any parent knows, there are only so many times you can listen to your child’s favorite song on repeat before you want to pull your hair out and stuff it in your ears … and listening to The Wheels on the Bus on your highly specced hi-fi can feel like overkill, can’t it? Well the hörbert – a wooden MP3 player aimed at kids – promises to give you your stereo back.

Designed with little fingers in mind, playlists can be selected by nine brightly colored buttons on the front of the hörbert – pressing the same button repeatedly advances playback to the next tracks linked to that button. There are also two buttons which allow for fast forward and jumping back. At the top of the unit is a metal on/off switch, volume knob and a beechwood handle for carrying.

The sturdy build is said to keep vibrations or shaking from impacting playback … you know, should it take the occasional knock as children dance around it. The speaker also delivers a full sound which is a good thing, as the designers intentionally omitted a headphone jack, worrying that children might not be able to hear and interact with their parents.

see and read more about Hörbet here and here – Source: hörbert

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