Avengers News – Damion Poitier Is Thanos

Posted May 2, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

So we are all up to date on the spoilers right?

Thanos is in the mid-credits scene and now we know the actor that will be portraying him.

Damion Poitier.

from comicbookmovie.com has the full story

The mid-credits teaser features an intergalactic interaction between two beings. One of the characters is listed as “The Other,” portrayed by Angel actor Alexis Denisof, who also appears briefly twice during the film’s opening sequences. And the other otherworldly character, heavily rumored for months prior, is a Mad Titan that goes by the name of Thanos, who’s plum evilly grinning face was believed to be fully CG. However, there seems to be an actor behind the death-obsessed villain, shyly revealed by the actor himself.

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    So wait. It’s makeup. If so that is awesome because I am just flat out sick of seeing C.G.I over and over and over again. I just think C.G.I these days since it’s no hassle like it was 20 years ago just means you have no creativity and imagination. Just tell the computer guy to put this scene on film and call it a day. It’s just what Micheal Bay is doing and we all know he’s a hack. I think they should have tried something else with the Hulk instead of just plain C.G.I. Like using state of the art costumes and makeup to make him look like he has super bulging muscles and then use C.G to insert him into the film and make him taller. Remember Mr. Hyde from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? That was all just costume and make up and it looked awesome. I don’t see why they can’t do that with the Hulk. I just wish people would stop with the over-usage of C.G.I. It just never looks real and maybe it’s just me, but it’s too “wooshy”. Know what I mean?


    I think Damion Poitier should reprise the role as Thanos

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