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This recommendation comes from a friend with awesome taste in music, so a trusted source indeed!

“JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound describe themselves as a post-punk soul band, but their sound is so much more expansive than that. Uptown Sound is on

par with soul musicians from the heyday of the genreā€™s popularity.” –Paste Magazine

Hear it for yourself below..

“Brooks trained as an actor, and even by soul man standards he’s an outsized showman (with an equally outsized pompadour), shimmying, swiveling, sliding and jumping around the stage, his singing ranging from Otis Redding raspiness to Curtis Mayfield falsetto sweetness.”–Chicago Tribune

“As for JC, well, he was a big ol’ raw-boned young-ish man who exuded a strength unusual for even the great iron-lunged soul singers. When he opened his metal jaws, he crushed songs as he sang them, manfully spraying his territorial scent as he pulled the crowd’s skirt slowly and sensually above its head and seduced it with raw, naked, powerful, sensual, deeply thrusted soul.”–The Other Paper


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