Public Urination – Not the Misdemeanor, The Band

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Want to see a video of Public Urination? Again I am not talking about peeing in public I am talking about the band.

There is a video here but you will have to read this story first.

Trust me it is interesting:


In the summer of 1996 Public Urination a ska band was in search of a singer of a band. The original singer got a real job at the IRS and could not make practice that was being held in the basement of Bob Bogan’s house in Philadelphia.

Anthony Stevens was the drummer Don Crispino was the guitar player. Jon Mc Cann was told to learn the words to brohym a song from Pennywise. At Jon’s first practice he was the only drinker in the band of three straight edge guys.

After the practice the band decided that Jon could not sing ska (he could not sing anything to be honest) so Public Urination became a new punk band . At this time in Philadelphia and the rest of the United States punk bands were sprouting up like weeds.

Not many of the new punk bands were good, Public Urination is ok at best but the live show would always be good for a laugh or a shocking moment. With song titles like dumpster bitch, I Pissed on You and Wife beater you can understand why some folks would get offended. Their first show was at Mercy Tech High School. After the first song the gym of 100 kids was down to about 15 kids. The band went on to play more shows at friends parties once and a while they would open up for bands like intoxicated or us expulsion.

They recorded 2 demos. The first one called “yeah you see me “which had songs like Antony (a parody of the bands Bush song Glycerine that made fun of the drummer who was 16 dating a 13 year old) and Welcome mat a song the band would claim as a hit but only 200 people actually know about it. Sometime the year the band started a riot, well the band that opened up for them did by spitting on the crowd. Public Urination did help things by continuing the spitting. After the show the band was chased out of Port Richmond. The second demo was called “I Pissed on PU” this demo had Trees, Dumpster Bitch, Wife Beater and Welcome Mat for a 2nd time. By the 2nd demo the band got a little better and even got a chance to open up for real bands like Kid Dynamite and Ducky Boys.

The band started their own riot at a skate park in the suburbs of Philly. The lead singer insulted the opening act and skateboarders. Since the show was in a skate park you can see why that would piss off some folks. In the late 98 Bob Bogan left the band and TJ the Hippie joined as the bass player. After seeing the bosstones live the band decided to get a dancer. Patsy joined the band and a lot of people’s eyes is the high light of any PU show. In 1999 they recorded their final demo Beer, Sex and TV.

This had songs like Cosby, Welcome Mat (yet again) and Log Bitch. Somewhere in those years the hippie left and Marty Blake played bass for a few shows. Bob Bogan came back to play bass, Don left the band and Sharkey joined the band as the guitar player. Even the dancer left the band so the band got a new dancer the fat kid. In early 2000 the band played their last show. No one really talked about them as a good band or great show but when you saw PU you were with friends and you had a good time. Unless they didn’t like you cause they would tear in to you on stage.

In the mid 2000’s Marty Blake passed away and a friend of the band want to do a fund raiser for Marty’s daughter and asked PU to play one last show. The band agreed and played the M room. The show went well and the band was one of the first bands to play this is hardcore in 2009. They played Paddy whacks pub on Thanksgiving eve last year. They changed the words to the song Anthony to Sandusky. Due to the amount of Penn State students at the bar the band started another riot and closed down a bar on the busiest night of the year. Last February the band went back to their roots and played a sweet 16 party . During Welcome Matt Jon asked how many kids were dating in the crowd .

When half the kids raised their hands he told the kids to break up now and none of their relationships will ever last. No riot was started that night .

On Saturday July 7th Pu will be playing the M Room once again .

The show starts at 8 and is $7

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