Scientist are going to solve this Bigfoot thing once and for all

Posted May 23, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

I was trying to think of something funny to say here but I am just tired of the bigfoot thing. Maybe scientist should spend a little more time on something else…like maybe cancer…

That could of been how they decided to work on this. A bunch of cancer researchers sitting around scratching their heads “Boy this is hard…Hey! Let’s try and find out if Bigfoot is real instead!”

My guess, they will find nothing. Or maybe they will who knows, like I said I don’t care.

With any luck this might end the show “Finding Bigfoot”. That show annoys me.

Great now I sound like a grumpy guy….. has the story:

Scientists to use genetic testing to decide if bigfoot really exists

They’re taking systematic approach, using latest advances to see if they can clear up mystery

LONDON  — Scientists are turning to genetic testing to see if they can prove the existence of the elusive hairy humanoid known across the world as bigfoot, yeti and sasquatch.

A joint project between Oxford University and Switzerland’s Lausanne Museum of Zoology will examine organic remains that some say belong to the creature that has been spotted in remote areas for decades.

“It’s an area that any serious academic ventures into with a deal of trepidation. … It’s full of eccentric and downright misleading reports,” said Bryan Sykes at Oxford’s Wolfson College.

But the team would take a systematic approach and use the latest advances in genetic testing, he added.

“There have been DNA tests done on alleged yetis and other such things but since then the testing techniques, particularly on hair, have improved a lot due to advances in forensic science,” he told Reuters.

Modern testing could get valid results from a fragment of a shaft of hair said Sykes, who is leading the project with Michel Sartori, director of the Lausanne museum.

Ever since a 1951 expedition to Mount Everest returned with photographs of giant footprints in the snow, there has been speculation about giant Himalayan creatures, unknown to science.

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