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Posted May 31, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

UPDATE: The first trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released. Check it out here.

We reported before that one of the villains in the upcoming Iron Man 3-quel will be Firepower.

This has not be denied but seems to be confirmed along with information about who the MAIN villain will be.

Ben Kingsley will be playing The Mandarin and we hear this:

– Guy Pearce is in final negotiations play geneticist Aldrich Killian in Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” the Shane Black-directed sequel loosely based on the 2005-2006 “Extremis” story arc, Variety reports. – from offers up this bit of info.

According to Latino Review and, the word in Wilmington is that Ben Kingsley does indeed play the classic Iron Man foe The Mandarin — that’s despite director Shane Black’s dismissal of the character as a racist caricature — but he won’t be the primary antagonist. Instead Guy Pearce’s geneticist Aldrich Killian will be the primary villain, with The Mandarin serving as his “silent partner.”

With those villainous roles apparently sorted out, we’re left with two minor criminals from Marvel comics: Lt. Col. Eric Savin (played by James Badge Dale), who becomes the cyborg Coldblood, and Firepower (Ashley Hamilton), the pilot of an experimental armored suit created by the government.

So I guess it is set then.

Aldrich Killian / The Mandarin / Firepower / the Cyborg Coldblood

It looks like Iron Man 3 will be fully loaded with bad guys. I think this might mean they he is going to need a little help. Maybe oh I don’t know….The Hulk!

A guy can dream can’t he? Oh yeah there is more from

What Would Tyler Durden Do has set photos of someone in Iron Patriot armor (below; many more at the source). While the battlesuit was first donned in Dark Avengers #1 by Norman Osborn, the website contends in the film it will be worn by Eric Savin — suggesting he starts out as Iron Patriot before taking a villainous turn as Coldblood. That speculation should be taken with a grain of salt, but the photos are impossible to deny.

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