10 iPhone Features and Shortcuts

Posted June 14, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Just like every other device out there in the world there are some tricks and shortcuts on your iPhone.

As if you didn’t feel special already for owning an iPhone, here are some cool things you might not have known you can do.

1. Use Your + Volume Button as a Shutter

Your pictures might sometimes be out of focus from taking a picture with one hand. Try holding your iPhone with both hands horizontally and push down the “+” button on your volume control. Now you are in focus.

This also works with the volume button on your head set.

2. Set Your Camera Flash For Alerts

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the slider for LED Flash for Alerts. Your flash will now blink when you have a notification. Well aren’t you fancy?

3. Go Private With Your Safari Browsing

Want to make sure no ones knows about all the shady websites you visit while on your break at work?

Go to Settings > Safari and then click the tab for Private Browsing.

4. Change the Display to White on Black

I’m not sure if anyone would really enjoy this one but here it is anyway.

To make the change, head to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Accessibility” and then toggle “White on Black” to “On.”

5. Create a Homescreen Icon for Any Website

I used this feature as a work around for the crappy Facebook App that is just super slow. Instead I have an icon that leads to the Facebook mobile site (which looks EXACTLY like the Facebook app).

Simply load up the site you’re interested in and then press the “+” on the bottom of the screen. Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

6. Turn iBooks Into Audio Books

This could turn out to be almost as boring as actually reading a book on your iPhone but you can use the built in voice over to read the book to you. If you dig the idea of a robot reading to you in a robot voice.

To activate it, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Accessibility” and toggle VoiceOver to “On,” at which point you get options to tweak the settings (the speed of reading) and try out the new controls.

7. Add Folders to the Dock

To create a folder, just press and hold any app until it starts wiggling. Then, drag the app into another app that you’d like to include in the same folder. The iPhone will automatically generate a name for the folder based on its contents. You can edit this name by pressing and holding the folder icon.

8. Fall asleep listening to your music with Sleep Timer

After music is playing. Go to clock, timer, set the time you want, then scroll down until you see stop playing at the bottom of the list and select it.

Now Metallica won’t be blasting your ear drums away after you fall asleep. Unless that is the only way you can sleep. In that case down load an app to find a psychiatrist.

9. Force quit apps

If an app freezes, press and hold the Home button for around six seconds to force quit it. If an app quits repeatedly by itself it probably needs updating by the developer.

10. How To Take Screen Shot

This one might seem obvious to some but I had to search this one out myself at one time so I am passing that knowledge on to any brand new iPhone owners out there.

This is useful for pissing off your significant other by taking a screen shot of their corny text message to you and posting it on your favorite social networking site.

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    damn,I have already own my Iphone for 2 years but still dont know about this hot key function,
    Thanks,your articles really useful for me 😀


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