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Posted June 21, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

My Christmas list grows everyday now that I am spending more time learning about all the cool new inventions that are coming out.

When I first heard about 3d printing the first thing I though was “hmmm I wonder if one day I could print my own burrito” Well my wait is over!

If they install these in offices I can see some funny situations happening.

“What happened to my expense report! It’s covered in sour cream!!”

“You’re fired!!”

thanks for sharing such a cool story

BurritoBot: 3D printing meets fast food

The first thing we learned about the Burrit0bot is that it needs to analyzed on several levels to be truly appreciated. As the thesis project of recent NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program graduate Marko Manriquez, the idea wasn’t conceived as a fast way of preparing a delicious, steaming Mexican meat roll to stifle the midnight munchies. It was far more academic in origin.

“Burritob0t invites critical questions about the food we regularly consume, particularly in regards to fast food (labor practices, environmental consequences, nutritional value),” the Burritob0t website explains. “Mexican fast food is emblematic of the assembly line: it is mass-produced in an era of modern consumables, appropriating a false authenticity. Burritob0t, in turn, aims to encourage dialogue about how and where our food is grown, methods of production, environmental impact, cultural appropriation, and, perhaps most importantly: what our food means to us.”

read more here at and prototype – Kickstarter rough cut from Marko Manriquez on Vimeo.

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