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Posted June 25, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment has shared some rumors for the upcoming re-re-launch of the Superman movies.

The original Superman was without a doubt the superhero movie to launch all superhero movies. There has been some crap (including Superman 3 and the first reboot) and some great films from the pages of comic books since then.

I am having trouble deciding if I think this movie will do well or not. One thing is for sure we will be hearing more and more about it as it’s debut nears.

Here are just a couple of the rumors from the site you can visit the link for the rest.

Superman Cameos In The Dark Knight Rises – This one goes all the way back to the Superman logo showing up in the first Dark Knight Rises poster. Was the Superman logo planted there as a hint that Superman will make a brief appearance in The Dark Knight Rises? While it might seem out of the ordinary for Christopher Nolan to introduce another superhero into his Dark Knight world, it is the last Batman movie so why not go out with a bang. Marvel Studios has shown just how successful building up anticipation with after the creditsscenes can be, so why shouldn’t Warner Bros. take a play out the Marvel Studios playbook?

Superman Fights In Slow Motion – Ok, so everyone knows the slow motion technique that Zack Snyder is famous for using in fight scenes in movies such as 300. Did he use this same slow motion technique in Superman? According to an IMDB poster claiming to have seen footage of two early scenes involving a tornado and a fight with Zod, Zack Snyder does indeed use this technique in Superman.

more rumors here

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