Who did it better? Public suicide that is…

Posted June 29, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

Lots of talk today about the accused arsonist who took suicide pills at the reading of his guilty verdict. It reminded me of the infamous R. Budd Dywer suicide in the mid 80’s, and it had me thinking, who went out with more flair?

RBD-extortion, our pal R Budd, Pennsylvania Treasurer, was to due to receive around $300,000 in illegal kickbacks and bribes and was facing 55 years in the clink.
Michael Marin, this 53 year old is accused of a little jewish lightning. Mike couldn’t afford the payments on his $5.3 million dollar mansion anymore and did whatever any red-blooded American would do in these hard economic times and torched it. Hard luck for Mike is, despite him being a deadbeat and poster-boy for today’s economy in people biting off more than he can chew is a jury of his peers found him guilty.

Both, guilty as fuck.

Luckily for our own entertainment purposes, these two hard-luck fellas went out on their own terms with out being a burden to tax payers everywhere. And, of course there were cameras to film them. So this leads to the question, who did it better?

R. Budd Dwyer

Michael Marin

I applaud these two fellas for their grit and determination, also for for the well thought out planning .But my nod goes to R. Budd. Live on the afternoon news wins every time.

P.S. Jerry Sandusky would of won this battle in a landslide if that cocksucker (pun not intended, but totally intended) set himself on fire in the courthouse.


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    only time will tell if this dude in arizona can inspire a song like dwyer did with ‘hey man, nice shot’

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