What would it cost to be the Dark Knight

Posted July 20, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

So you got the money now you want to be the bat. One thing you can’t buy is the horrible childhood experience of seeing your parent killed and the willingness to disappear for a long time to train to be a fighting expert.

Centives.net put together an idea of just how much it would cost to have all his cool Batman “toys”

  • Kevlar Utility Harness ($337.39)
  • Gas-powered magnetic grappling gun (you’ll have to do with a simple grappling hook $26.95 – although you could try launching it out of a gas-powered t-shirt cannon for $1,750.00)
  • Nomex survival suit for advanced infantry. Kevlar bi-weave, reinforced joints, tear resistant and bullet proof. (Lucius Fox tells us that it costs $300,000)
  • Memory cloth. (Look you won’t find some fabric that will allow you to fly. Your best bet is a hand glider and the cheapest is $3,390)
  • The Tumbler. (The closest analogue we could find is a Humvee. You won’t be tearing around roof tops in this$140,000 vehicle, but slap a bat sticker on it, make sure you stay on dark roads, and nobody will know the difference. It comes in black for an additional $1,500.)

And for the rest Bruce Wayne has to improvise. He orders 10,000 graphite helmets. These go for $244 each, although we’re sure that for such a large order you could negotiate the price down to $200. Total comes out to $2 million. He stuffs a sound amplifier into the bat-ears, and these cost $29.95.

There is a lot more you will need and it gets pricey, check the site out for the details.

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