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Posted July 23, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

I can’t even count the amount of passwords I have in my brain. The crazy thing is most of them really are for various accounts that I myself own. Not just for others who I build websites for. I am amazed every-time I can remember one.

The future is a Keanu Reeves movie.

this story is from the online pages of Popular Science’s awesome website:

Neurosecurity Lets You Store a Password In Your Brain – Without Remembering It

new security technique mashes up cryptography with neuroscience to create passwords that are stored in users’ brains but cannot be recalled, recited, or otherwise extracted by another party.

The system is based on an idea known as implicit learning, in which the brain subconsciously learns a pattern without consciously recognizing it. In tests, Stanford University researchers put test subjects in front of a computer game in which they had to catch falling objects on the screen by pressing a key, with each key corresponding to one of six positions on the screen.

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Sounds pretty cool. One thing I would worry about though is hackers. I am sure they will then have to figure out a way inside our brains.

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