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Posted July 24, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

“Manners”, their last release, was happy. “Gossamer” is sad.

Included in this post (below) is two videos. One official for the single “Take a Walk” and one of those tricky youtube videos with the album cover and random images while an album track plays for the song “I’ll Be Alright”

I plan on getting Gossamer ASAP and listening because Manners was one of my favorite albums when it was released. Favorite album as in I hardly listened to anything else for 3 month period. had this to say:

 it turns out that things aren’t so euphoric after all. The songs on “Gossamer” — which Mr. Angelakos has described as autobiographical — revolve around a romance besieged by the singer’s own cynicism, insecurity, obsessiveness, abusive behavior and heavy drinking.

Take “I’ll Be Alright,” which arrives like a flashy Kanye West production running (even more) amok. It’s full of digitally splintered chipmunk voices and bursts of drum sounds — like blasts of a confetti cannon — with a galloping beat and that reassuring refrain, “I’ll be alright.” But the singer is actually giving his partner permission to leave him. “I know we’ve had enough,” he admits. “Just go find someone new.”

Sounds like he had a bad time in his life while working on this album. It’s sad to think about but sometimes sadness for singer / songwriters is a powerful tool and assisted in some amazing songs being written.

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