Giant Robot with Guns = Bad Idea?

Posted July 31, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Why are we building things like this!?! We are just begging for an end of the world type scenario aren’t we?

Even better, this one shoots when the pilot smiles. How’s that for creepy?


Monster mecha with smile-controlled gatling guns makes public debut

Kuratas is controlled via a software system called V-Sido, which, in addition to the cockpit dash, allows control of the robot by smartphone (over a 3G network), or a master-slave system that sees Kuratas mimic the moves of a much smaller model, which can be manipulated into shapes by the user from a remote position. From the cockpit, a steering column is used to steer the robot, which also includes arms of its own which for manipulating the robot’s upper limbs. Kinect controls are also an option.

Although Kuratas has legs, it has wheels rather than feet. It can be driven in both high and low configurations, with a diesel-fueled top speed of about 10 km/h (6 mph).

Of course, no mecha is complete without a fearsome arsenal of weaponry, and Kuratas does not disappoint. The water-powered LOHAS launcher appears to fire water bottles over a range of several meters. Its two gatling guns can fire 6000 BBs per minute, and Kuratas can supposedly auto-target and track humans. Most fearsomely of all, the gatling guns fire when the pilot smiles.

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Source: Suidobashi heavy industry, via Plasticpals

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