Ok now you are just missing the point Hollywood, ALF movie to feature a CGI ALF.

Posted August 10, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

The whole reason that show was well received is because ALF was a puppet in a sitcom. The shows appeal was how different of an idea it was at the time. Sure there was the Muppet Show but that was 90% puppets. ALF was the only puppet on his show.

So why the hell do we need a CGI ALF. Don’t you think we want to see the ALF we all remember. It will not be him.

from bleedingcool.com

Smurfs Producer Moves On To The Alf Movie, Plans For A CG ALF Instead Of A Puppet

Just when I thought puppets were so in right now, Sony’s big screen adaptation of 80s sitcom ALFstarts to come together, and they’re apparently planning to ditch the fuzzy star for a CG character.

At least that’s how it sounds when The Hollywood Reporter say:

Sony Pictures Animation has closed a deal to acquire rights to the classic 1980s TV sitcom ALF and will develop the property into a CG-live action hybrid feature.

Bad idea. At least 90% of the show’s appeal was in the puppet.

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This is just stupid.


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