Movie Popcorn Linked To Alzheimer’s

Posted August 13, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

I typically choose pretzels and cheese when I go to the movies but I do have the occasional popcorn. I had no delusion in thinking any of it was good for me but this is crazy.

Actually last night I went to see the Dark Knight Rises finally and shared a huge popcorn with my man date. It was go…wait what was I talking about?

Butter Popcorn Chemical Linked To Alzheimer’s

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) An ingredient used in artificial butter flavoring for popcorn may worsen the effects of an abnormal brain protein that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study in Chemical Research in Toxicology examined diacetyl (DA), an ingredient used to produce the buttery flavor and smell in microwave popcorn, margarine, candy, baked goods and even pet food. It is also created naturally in fermented drinks like beer, and gives some chardonnay wines its buttery taste, according to the study.

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