Good News and Bad News

Posted August 21, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

I am going to try to do this let’s say once a week if I remember but we will have a new feature …Drum roll……..

Good News and Bad News! Which is as it sounds.

First the Good News!

Students Who Binge Drink are Happier Than Thos

e Who Don’t

This one was found at and it is good news. I hope the results are same for binge drinking in your 30’s

A study unveiled at this year’s American Sociological Association meeting purports to show that college students who engage in binge drinking are, on average, happier and more socially satisfied than those who practice moderation.

Colgate University associate professor of sociology Carolyn Hsu, who co-authored the study, says that, despite being aware of the ills associated with binge drinking, students continue to overdo their alcoholic consumption because of a link between binge drinking and improved social status.

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Now the Bad News!

The Rest of the Week is as Shitty as Monday

This little bit of bad news is from BBC News

US investigators who looked at a poll of 340,000 people found moods were no worse on Mondays than other working days, bar Friday.

Prof Stone’s team analysed data collected by Gallup from telephone interviews.

People reported more enjoyment and happiness and less stress or worry on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays compared with the rest of the week.

Prof Stone says it is the contrast in mood from Sunday to Monday that has led to Mondays being unfairly singled out.

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