Piece of Shit Thursdays| Basketball Player Caught on Video Beating His Girlfriend

Posted August 23, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

The title might be misleading because I will not be posting a story about a shitty person every Thursday mainly because HowsYourRobot is supposed to be a place of fun happy good times! Except for that story a few days ago of the dogs being tied to train tracks…

This guy sucks and I hope he is the girlfriend in prison that gets a good ol’ fashion beating.

Read more at fox8.com.

CLEVELAND — Tony Farmer’s talent on the basketball court made the Garfield Heights High School senior one of the top college recruits in the country.

But Farmer may have forfeited a scholarship and his future, when he attacked his ex-girlfriend in her apartment building in Bedford Heights on April 23rd.

Surveillance video, obtained by the Fox 8 I-Team, shows Farmer striking 18-year-old Andrea Lane in the head, and then continuing to strike and kick her as she cowered in a corner and pleaded for him.

Here is the video of the crime

Here is a better video of the “big man” collapsing after receiving his sentence.



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