Did you know they discovered a 10th Planet?

Posted August 27, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when this happened but it happened. The conspiracy theory part of me really hopes that it isn’t a big story just to not cause panic but this thing is out there and it’s big.

I think they are here, remember that story about the giant UFO refueling from the sun? Maybe they are refueling for the invasion.

from BBC.com:

Astronomers in the United States have announced the discovery of the “10th planet” to orbit our Sun.

The largest object found in our Solar System since Neptune in 1846, it was first seen in 2003 – but important details have only now been confirmed.

Designated 2003 UB313, it is about 2,800km across – a world of rock and ice and somewhat larger than Pluto.

Scientists say it is three times as far away as Pluto, in an orbit at an angle to the orbits of the main planets.

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A few theories I have hear concerning “Nibiru” is that the planet of the old gods is already here. Here is a very creative video someone “made” saying that Nibiru is visible from the ground if you catch it just right.

Nibiru 2012: NASA Admits 10th Planet

Nibiru 2012: NASA Discovers 10th Planet
Not the whole truth, or anything near the real truth. NASA keeping its bases covered by admitting the 10th planet exists. So when the time comes: NASA will just say “we told you so!”

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