The Most Amazing Pictures of Space You Haven’t Seen Yet

Posted August 31, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

All captions via ESA’s Hubble Site — click on the image name to view in hi-res

Above is the First prize, winner of the public vote: Josh Lake | Star-forming region NGC 1763

I have to clarify that these images are real. Sometimes when viewing images of space that are taken by the Hubble Space Telescope it is easy to forget that what you are seeing is real and not an artist rendition of what it would look like.

I imagine if you were floating in space and could see this with your own eyes it would be hard for your mind to even wrap itself around the idea that it is real.

The universe is mind blowingly beautiful. IF you are having a hard time in your life this would be a good link to visit and see something so amazing that whatever you have going on in your life might just seem petty.

Back in May, the ESA challenged the public to excavate these rare images from Hubble’s prodigious science archive. Nearly 3,000 public submissions later, these are the Hubble space pictures that were selected as the very best.

Second Prize: Andre van der Hoeven | Spiral Galaxy Messier 77

Third Prize: Judy Schmidt | Star XZ Tauri

The technology we have to allow us to see what is out there is amazing. We should be happy that we live in the time we do to be able to see all of this.

Please visit to see more.



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