First Look | The Last Season of ‘The Office’

Posted September 17, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Some people love it some hate it. I am in the love it crowd myself. I am sure some of the dislike comes from the “purest” who will only allow themselves to enjoy the original British version of the show. I can only say to those people that you are missing out. Michael Scott is his own character. He wasn’t trying to be anyone else and he was terrific. The show definitely lost something when he left but I also enjoy Andy and the rest of the Office employees and think the show still has some laughs left in it.

It is time for it to end though. I am glad they are not trying to drag it out any further. This upcoming seaons being the last should be bitter sweet.

The last season begins Thursday, Sept 20 9/8c on NBC.

Here is your first look at what’s to come:

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