‘MacGyver’ Robot Makes Use of Random Objects

Posted October 9, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

MacGyver Bot to the Rescue Controlled by a human operator, a robot known as Golem Kang uses an object found in the environment as a lever to free a person trapped by equipment. Georgia Tech Photo: Josh Meister

Hand this robot a stick of gum and a paper clip and it will save your life.

We like robots, obviously.

Here is an awesome story from popsci.com

Give a modern robot a specific job to do and it will do it pretty well, whether it’s scooping dog wastefetching food for humans, or searching a dangerous environment. But it probably wouldn’t be able to improvise, or figure out how to grab objects lying around it and use them as tools. Researchers at Georgia Tech want to change that, turning robotic helpers into machine MacGyvers that can use objects creatively to solve complex problems.

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