Smart bra is an early warning system for breast cancer

Posted October 12, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month we thought a relative story would be nice.

First Warning Systems has created a working “smart bra” that uses patented technology to detect early signs of breast cancer. It  detect minute variations in temperature which bra’s sensors pick up.

The company says these blood vessels create a distinctive heat signature that allows the tumor to be detected years before the tumor becomes visible in a traditional mammogram or even an MRI.


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The company says trials have shown the bra offers a far greater level of accuracy than is possible with traditional mammograms, with an accuracy rate of over 90 percent returned in three clinical trials involving 650 participants of all ages. The bra also offers continuous non-invasive monitoring with data from the sensors transferred to a wireless module built into the device that sends information to a computer or mobile device for uploading to the internet for analysis.

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Source: First Warning Systems via CNET

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