Roboray humanoid robot walks like a man

Posted October 15, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

Here we go again. Teaching our future slave masters new tricks. I wonder what it is about us that we want these robots to look like we do when we walk. Whats wrong with some wheels?

Meet Roboray, he walks like a man. Actually it looks like he is sneaking up on someone.


Samsung’s robotics division presented the company’s latest humanoid robot, Roboray, at IROS 2012 in Portugal last week. Researchers led by Kyungsik Roh have been co-developing humanoid robots with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) since 2004 and the Roboray is a departure from their earlier robot (known as “Mahru”, of which there are several models) thanks to its torque controlled leg joints, which give it more human-like walking capabilities.

On the surface, the Roboray looks quite a bit like the Mahru 3, its predecessor developed in 2007. However, the Mahru series has never shown the ability to run like some of its competitors (those developed byHondaToyota, and the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have demonstrated this capability).

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Source: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology via IROS 2012

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