Question of the Day? | Politicians are not very honest. Looking at you Paul Ryan…

Posted October 16, 2012 by Johnny2x in The Daily

I guess you noticed that isn’t really a question. It’s all good. Maybe the questions is why are we all surprised by this still?

Paul Ryan (Eddie Munster) was helping out a soup kitchen. By helping I mean he went in after everyone left, uninvited mind you, and then him and his family proceed to clean already cleaned pots and pans.

What a dick. Oh right sorry…What a dick?


Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan was heavily criticized yesterday for a recent photo op at a soup kitchen that didn’t involve helping any actual poor people.

Among the critics calling out Ryan and his camp for their sham goodwill gesture is Brian J. Antal, president of the Ohio charity that runs the soup kitchen in question.

Speaking with the Washington Post, Antal says Ryan “did not have permission” to stage the photo op, and simply “ramrodded their way” in with the help of a volunteer.

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Antal said his charity was “apolitical” and couldn’t appear to be picking sides. “I can’t afford to lose funding from these private individuals,” he told the Post. “If this was the Democrats, I’d have the same exact problem.”

[photo via AP, video via CBS News]

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