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Posted October 18, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science

There has been no shortage of blogs about 3D printers. You can print yourself all kinds of cool stuff and now…guns.

This seeming harmless process of being able to create just about anything using 3D printers and some material will now have some controversy attached to it.

Got a beef with someone? You could just go home and throw some raw materials in your printer select your “gun” setting and then go watch Honey Boo Boo. By the time your marathon is over you’ll have your very own working gun.

BANG, beef over. Scary right? Not the Honey Boo Boo part, the part where you print a gun at home.


Uh-oh! 3D printer produces a real gun

Photos of the world’s first 3D printed gun were discovered on the, a forum for firearms enthusiasts and supporters of gun rights. The creator, who goes by the username HaveBlue, assembled the weapon by combining the body of a normal .22 caliber pistol with that of a printed plastic version of the lower receiver used in AR-15 assault rifles (similar to the military’s M16). HaveBlue then tested out the creation by successfully firing 200 rounds without any signs of malfunction or complications, according to a post on the web site.

HaveBlue documents his gunsmithing process in such a detailed way, it might be a bit unnerving for some folks. With little more than a Stratasys 3D printer, a $30 batch of plastic resin and printing specifications available on the internet, the user was able to produce several of the necessary working parts. A  step-by-step blueprint for making your own AR-15 lower receiver can also be found on Thingiverse.

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    Problem is the gun you print with the 3D printer will not be a working one. According to the article, the guy added a handgun and merge it with a material printed of the other part of the gun. Basically, its still a pistol and not a machine gun.

    So technically, its not a real gun unless you added a real gun to the 3D printer and added the little extra details to make it look like a machine gun or something.


      If they were able to print the plastic version of the lower receiver what’s stopping them from printing the rest. I think it might not be happening yet but people with certain skills can do just about anything I think


        Easier said than done I guess. Ammunition need work on to make the explosive thing when fired. Spring needs to be flexible and that depends on the material (Plastic resin will only last a few shots and then breaks.)

        But that also depends on their level of knowledge on how to build a gun with a 3D printer and what kind of material needed for each 3D model that they design on.

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