5 Million Dollar Watch – Happy Birthday Jay Z!

Posted December 13, 2012 by Johnny2x in Entertainment


I am not a hater. I don’t give a shit what rich musicians spend their money on. I support their right to spend this kind of money on a material item as silly as a watch.

Having said that, I also have the right to think they are inconsiderate, arrogant, and selfish pieces-of-shit for doing so.

While most other musicians were attending a Hurricane Sandy Relief concert and helping raise funds for disaster relief, Beyonce was out buying her man a 5 MILLION dollar watch.

Again, I am not saying she doesn’t have the right to spend the money how she wants.

I just think she is an asshole for spending it this way.

from gizmag.com

And what does US$5 million bring to the end of your arm? A white gold case and dial studded and an incredible 1,282 grade A diamonds, all put together by 12 cutters and five setters working full-time for seven months. And it’s not all bad news for the bank account – you’ll save on battery replacement courtesy of the self-winding, 25-jewel, HUB 1100 movement driving the Big Bang’s diamond-polished hands.


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Check out the Hublot video below to see the watch spinning and gyrating in all its glory.

Source: Hublot


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