Paper-Based USB Drives from Intellipaper

Posted December 31, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science


The future is here! Really this is pretty cool. Imaging a news paper add with a tab you can rip off and stick into your computer to get moire content. How about a band flyer you can tear a piece off of and play a free MP3.

Hope about for the kids? This could give “passing notes in class” a whole new meaning.


USB drives have become so prolific in recent years that they’ve become practically disposable. Now, one company has created a different type of flash drive that can literally be crumpled up and thrown in the garbage. With an embedded silicon chip, intelliPaper seamlessly turns an ordinary strip of paper into a fully functioning USB drive.


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I want to try this now. I hope someone at is listening (reading) and sends me some samples.

If you check out their page you can get something for your donation to their project.

What can you get?


We are offering three exciting applications of this paper USB technology:

  • Greeting Cards

  • Disposable USB Drives

  • Blank USB Paper

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