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Posted December 31, 2012 by Johnny2x in Science


Every time I see a toddler I think “man couldn’t we make these things better?”

Well finally technology is catching up with us and now we can make robot kids. I wonder if they will still ask dumb questions.

I also wonder if they will kill us. Maybe it would be a more pleasant robot death.

“Awww look at this little gu………” dead.



Roboy is based on the laboratory’s previous project, the humanoid, frighteningly cycloptic Eccerobot. Built out of plastic, Roboy is modeled on the human musculoskeletal system, but this mimicry goes beyond the aesthetic. Instead of motors in its joints, Roboy uses motor assemblies that pull elastic cables, so the system operates in a way similar to muscles and tendons. AI Lab claims that this will allow Roboy to move “almost as elegantly as a human.”


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The video below shows Roboy in action.

Source:  RoboyAI Lab


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